Video: The Rachel Zoe Project’s Fourth Season Includes a New Assistant, Stress, Baby Talk, White Bathrobes


The Rachel Zoe Project's fourth season debuts on August 2 on Bravo, and the countdown is starting now. Since the last season of the show, Zoe has done a lot of different things, like have a baby, debut a clothing line, skip fashion weeks (because of the baby), and part ways with affable former assistant Brad Goreski, who is getting his own show. What's of the most interest in the new season, judging by the trailer, are the new Brad (if there can ever be such a thing) and, of course, the baby.

Brad's replacement is Jeremiah Brent, who seems much darker, judging by these few seconds of footage of him, than Brad — like there's something evil lurking inside him. That evil thing may relate to worthlessness, either of the position or of Jeremiah himself. And Zoe's husband, Rodger, who has watched his wife get her hair and makeup done by Joey wearing her signature white bathrobe so many times in peace, freaks out about her getting her hair sprayed while she's pregnant. 'Don't kill my baby! Stop!' he intervenes. Meanwhile Joey asks what no one was thinking: 'Are you going to let it come out of your vag?' And Rachel says what everyone was thinking she would: 'I'd like for him to just appear.' (But really, who wouldn't?)

Those new plot lines aside, the stress of daily life is the same, the freaking out over the Oscars/Anne Hathaway's needs is the same, the catchphrases are the same. Oh, and Rodger has a beard — that's something else that's new. And a Kardashian has a cameo, but let's pretend she doesn't.

'The Rachel Zoe Project' Returns With Assistants, Oscars, And A Baby! (VIDEO) [HuffPo]

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